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In this recording of Madrax's Popular and Effective Bike Parking webinar, we define what qualifies as effective bike parking, review our most popular bike racks (along with some great alternatives), and look at how we can improve bike parking spaces. It was originally recorded on June 8th, 2022. Watch Webinar>>
Materials and Finishes Webinar

In this recording of Thomas Steele's How Materials & Finishes Affect the Durability of Site Furnishings webinar, we go into detail about the qualities of the different finishes and materials present in outdoor furnishings. This webinar was originally recorded on February 25th, 2021. Watch Webinar>>

ADA Powerpoint-1-1

In this recording of Thomas Steele's Comfortable and Inclusive Outdoor Seating webinar, we go into detail about the qualities of ADA-compliant outdoor furnishings and provided specific examples of Thomas Steele furniture that fits this criteria. In addition, we also discuss the benefits of creating accessible environments that everyone can use! It was originally recorded on July 6th, 2022. Watch Webinar>>


In this recording of Madrax's Bike Room Design Made Easy For Developers and Facility Managers webinar, we discuss the benefits of a bike room, provide some tips on how to plan out the perfect storage space, and show off our Bike Room Builder, which you can use to make the process easier. It was originally recorded on May 10th, 2023. Watch Webinar>>

Bike Parking Guide AECDaily course

If you are looking to learn more, we have an accredited course on, titled Bike Parking Guide. This self-paced, online class discusses bicycle parking options that meet security, durability, and aesthetic standards. Take this course today to earn credits for AIA/CES, LA CES™, and more! Take Course>>