Project Name: Jefferson Crossing Underground Parking Bike Storage

Location: Oregon, WI

As a way to add another service for tenants, Lakestone Properties installed exhibitor bike racks in the underground garage of its Jefferson Crossing apartment building.

The small size and ability for the racks to store the bicycle up, off the ground maximizes the use of space to create bike parking spots without sacrificing car stalls. 

The use of these racks also create a large volume of bike parking that doesn't require the additional area of a bike room. 

There is also an "opening" on the racks that lets users lock their bicycle to the rack. Making these a secure storage option

"We've gotten a lot of positive feedback from tenants who appreciate the option to park their bike on the racks," says Leslie Riemen, Broker/Owner & VP of Operations for Lakestone Properties.

In addition to the parking for tenants, Lakestone Properties installed Inverted U racks with a custom lean bar outside the building to help brand the apartment complex

Not only are they a great way for guests to securely park their bicycles, the Jefferson Crossing logo acts as a prominent banner visible to anyone passing by the apartments. 

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