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Comprehensive Guide to Bike Storage

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Multiple challenges await when designing a bike room to store the most bicycles as possible in a limited space.

The materials of the wall restrict what type of bike racks can be used. Room shape and obstacles need to be worked around.

Local ordinances dictate spacing requirements and if the bike parking can be vertical or horizontal. The bike racks will then need to be properly spaced out.

Taking all this into account, you still need to fit in a certain number of bicycles.

The insights you need to make the most appropriate decisions and overcome these challenges are can be found in the Bike Storage Guide.


Site Planning

Knowing your municipal codes is key.

As with any new building or revision to an existing structure, make sure you are aware of your local ordinances. Many cities have standards in place that regulate how many bike parking spots are required, what types of racks can be used, as well as spacing for and between spots.

Then you need to understand the wall and floor surfaces of your space. Depending on if you have concrete, brick, wood/steel studs or other materials, you will need to use certain types of bike storage racks.

Your next challenge is to determine bicycle density.

How many bicycles can you fit into your space? What are the guidelines for the number of bicycles that need to be stored in the type of building you are putting this in to?

Bike Storage Solutions

The details of your space play a big role when evaluating the different styles of bike storage racks.

It's important to know the benefits of each type of bike rack and how they can be used to meet your specific needs.

Selecting the right bike racks or mix of racks is key to maximizing the number of bicycles that can be stored in your area.


Bike Storage Layouts

After factoring the attributes of the bike storage area, weighted against code capacity requirements, you can start evaluating different bike storage systems or combinations of systems that will guide you to the most successful layout.

To be successful with your layout, it is critical to design an area that will satisfy the people who will be using the bike storage space.


Properly Spacing Bike Storage Racks

The final piece of a good bike storage plan is correctly spacing bike racks.

First and foremost, you need to make sure racks are placed with enough spacing between each rack.

Second, you need to ensure there is proper room for storing the bicycle and an aisle beyond the rack. Otherwise you could the rack could become unusable.

Then make sure you're using best practices for the distances between racks and setbacks from walls and other obstructions for each type of rack.


Finalize Your Plan

Take the specifics of your space, select the best bike storage solutions and properly lay them out. This will ensure you are able to create an effective and usable bike storage area.

The Madrax Bike Storage Guide is your resource to walk you through this process.


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