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Comprehensive Guide to Creating Bike Storage Areas

Multiple challenges await when designing a bike room to store the most bicycles as possible in a limited space. 

The materials of the wall restrict what type of bike racks can be used. Room shape and obstacles need to be worked around.

Local ordinances dictate spacing requirements and if the bike parking can be vertical or horizontal. Racks then need to be properly spaced out. 

Taking all this into account, you still need to fit in a certain number of bicycles.

Get the insights you need to make the most appropriate decisions and overcome these challenges with the Bike Storage Video Course. 

  • Understand the surfaces of your room and what type of bike storage racks can be used
  • Familiarize yourself with all styles of bike storage systems and know which ones will be best utilized in your space
  • See examples of different layouts that achieve different goals
  • Effectively lay out the racks in your room using the minimum and recommended spacing dimensions

Watch the Bike Storage Video Course and apply the information to transform your space into the most effective bike room possible!

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Apply best practices from the Bike Storage Video Course to create a bike room within the specifics of your space. 

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