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Bike Storage Guide 

Multiple challenges await when applying a bike room design to the specifications of your area. 

The materials of the wall restrict what type of bike racks can be used. Room shape and obstacles need to be worked around.

Local ordinances dictate spacing requirements and if the bike parking can be vertical or horizontal.

Taking all this into account, you still need to park a set number of bicycles.

Get the insights you need to make the most appropriate decisions with the Bike Storage Guide. 

  • Site planning: Understanding surfaces bike racks will be installed on to  determine the best options
  • Bike Rack Layouts: Different layouts to meet the goal of the room
  • Spacing Recommendations: Minimum and recommended spacing for ground and vertical bike parking
  • Bike Storage Systems: Best uses for each style of bike rack
The Bike Storage Guide is available as a .pdf download. Get your copy and get the information to turn ideas into effective bike storage spaces.  


Using your bike room ideas, the Bike Storage Guide lets you apply them to the specifics of your area. 

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